Marcin Górzyński

graduate at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and University of Warsaw (UW), economist, born in Warsaw in 1971. Participant of Masterclass photographic workshops with Tomasz Tomaszewski, Ernesto Bazan and Robert Clark.

Photography is my hobby and my passion, and most recently – work (Press Agency FOTONOVA). I’m taking photos basically since childhood, when I’ve got my first camera as a gift. However, awareness in photography came with an age. I absolutely agree with the opinion that photography is a form of thinking and portraying our perception of the world to other people. The more mature and wise we are ourselves, the more complete and mature our photos become. It is a form of exploring of the world, people and myself.

I feel good in reportage photography, travel, photography of people and nature. However sometimes, I like to put new challenges in front of me. Then, I have the impression, that I am an explorer of new worlds.

I like to work with and meet people with a sense of humor and self-distance. Intelligent and open. Who know how to appreciate the diversity of the surrounding reality.